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1. Economic Development - the county needs to attract new businesses as new business creates jobs.  The county’s prime economic strengths are Tourism, Agriculture, Industrial, Professional, winter sports, year round recreational activities and service.  Each of these is dependent on the specific district and the type of workers available. The new focus on SUNY Poly and Herkimer County tax free areas and efforts to forge new state alliances with developing small businesses can be a big vote generator if used appropriately for Herkimer County.


2. Fiscal Responsibility - We need to think smarter about how we use our taxes throughout the county. We need to control spending, reduce taxes and provide better services for the taxes paid by the taxpayers. 


3. Open Government - In order to be fiscally responsible, we need to have more tax payers involved and aware of how our tax dollars are spent and the benefits we receive from those tax dollars. We also need to know exactly what the local governments are doing and why. This can be achieved in a variety of ways but is dependent on the candidate and their personal methods of communication and community involvement.


4. Environmental understanding - As a rural county primarily dependent on agriculture and associated support industries, we need to focus on maximizing the use of the talent we have and the levels of experience in these industries to influence and expend economic development while incorporating the environmental needs of the county. Environmental needs can be defined as current issues, potential issues, future issues OR it can be trying to make use of the environment to further attract business. Clean air, farmland, renewable energy  recycling, etc.


5. Personal Rights - We support the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms.  We also support the personal choice to not bear arms as long as each individual is given opportunity to choose. We support the belief that we can aspire to succeed and advance as an American. Every American should be treated with dignity and respect. Government should make every effort to sponsor economic development for the benefit of the local residents. Lastly we support the need for higher education and believe that all should be able to grow and prosper through education.


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